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If the Lord does not build the house in vain do its builders labor.

-Psalm 127:1

 help us build a chapel and convent!

What We Need


We are currently using a converted garage as a chapel and our main living space is the A-frame house (pictured above). In 2015 we completed Phase One of our project: a small building with cells (like bedrooms) and a multi-purpose room.


Phase One Building


Garage Chapel

The A-frame, built in the 1963 as the "main lodge" of a summer camp, has no foundation and poor insulation. As a result there is mold throughout the house and animals seek refuge underneath. To replace this building, we plan to build a full convent including kitchen, refectory, library, common spaces, cells, and work rooms.

The garage chapel is not well insulated and humidity has caused the ceiling and walls to become black. It is cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer. We need space so guests can comfortably pray with us. Our plans also include a sacristy, meeting rooms, and a gathering space with bathrooms. 


How You Can Help


Please consider making a donation today! You can also support us by shopping at our gift shop in the Conference Center at the Brothers. We have a variety of hand made items available.



Make checks payable to:

Apostolic Sisters of St. John

Memo: Building Project

Send to:

10809 West Legion Hall Road

Princeville, IL 61559

Bank Transfer

Contact us by phone or email.

309 243 1488

Online donations are in US dollars only. If you would like to donate in other currencies, please contact us. Thank you!

Thank you for your generosity. Know of our prayers for all of our supporters.

Relatively small amounts, given regularly, add up to significant sums. You may wish to simply make a one - time donation, but please consider your potential to make a monthly gift.We hope that the table below will help you to consider the value of your financial support.

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