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On the feast of St. Dominic, 8 August 2020, we were finally able to move into our permanent home located on campus of the University of Aberdeen, just down the street from the Catholic Chaplaincy where we serve! As you can see from the pictures, it was quite the adventure moving everything in, and little by little making the building a home.

The building was the house of Dr. David Braine, a professor of philosophy at the University of Aberdeen and a devout Catholic. After he passed away, he donated his house to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aberdeen with the wish that it be occupied by a religious community. Yet, not just any religious community! One that studies St. Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle! For anybody who knows our Community, you'll know that these two great thinkers are very much a part of our formation. Our Sisters took this as a sign from God that this was the place He had prepared for us.

Something beautiful about our home is that it is truly representative of the Catholic Church here in Aberdeen. We sent out notices to various parishes with lists of things we would need (furniture, cutlery, tools, etc...), and the people responded so generously! Everything in our convent was provided for by generous benefactors who either donated their old possessions, or were willing to give cash donations to help us buy what we need. As the saying goes, one man's rubbish is truly another man's treasure! When we look at the eclectic collection of things in our house, we can think of each person who gave the item. We remember all of our benefactors in our daily prayers, and pray that the Lord give them a hundredfold for their generosity.

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