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As of September 13, 2019, we have arrived to begin a new foundation here in Aberdeen. New beginnings are always a source of an abundance of adventures! Bishop Hugh Gilbert invited us to his diocese to work at the chaplaincy of the University of Aberdeen, where we have already been struck by its great cultural diversity. We continue to settle, but are grateful to be able to serve already in various ways.
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We trust in God's providential care as we continue to await the construction of our future home to be completed so that we will be able to live near the University and begin offering retreats and welcome guests more easily!
In the joy and hope of our Lady,
Sr Claire (France), Sr Teresa (USA), Sr Rosario (Philippines)

Want to help us out?

Any donations are always welcome. We as Apostolic Sisters are a mendicant order, which means that relying on Divine Providence, we depend greatly on the generosity of local donors for our basic needs. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!


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